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System requirements

What is needed to watch a video streaming

1. a minimum hardware: CPU Pentium 166MHz or PowerPC 180MHz, 32MB RAM, 10MB free hard drive space, 16-bit audio card (either with headset or speakers), 256 colors video card;

2. an Internet connection: 56 Kbps or higher (ISDN, ADSL, etc.);

3. a browser: Internet Explorer 5 or higher; Safari 2, Mozilla 1.x or Firefox 1.x; Opera 8; Netscape Navigator 7 or higher.

4. an audio/video player: Microsoft Windows Media Player for Windows/Macintosh, or Microsoft Windows Media Player plugin for Netscape Navigator/Windows or for Netscape Navigator/Macintosh; Real Player for Win/Mac/UNIX; (for Linux/Unix/Solaris users) Mplayer.


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