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Human Capital and Employment in the European and Mediterranean Area

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The recent economic and financial crisis is deeply affecting the labour markets, depressing in particular both the occupational opportunities and the earnings capacity of the young people. In this respect, the capability to carry out the education of competent graduates, to employ them and to foster continuing education becomes crucial in order to increase both people’s employability and firms’ competitiveness.

The aim of this Conference is to foster the exchange of inter-disciplinary knowledge, information, experiences and best practices among young graduates and researchers, transnational firms, cluster of small and medium size firms, the Euro-Mediterranean universities and the governments of the regions of the Mediterranean Sea. The Conference will give the opportunity to present and discuss the 13th yearly AlmaLaurea Survey on Italian Graduates’ Employment Conditions, based on the experiences of over 370.000 graduates 1, 3 and 5 years after graduation, and put in comparison with similar survey and studies carried out internationally.

At the end of the first ten years of the Bologna Process, the Council of the European Union has adopted the "Europe 2020" strategy, for promoting employment based on an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth. One of the five priority targets is to reach the 40% threshold of graduates in the 30-34 age group population. Furthermore, the overall perspective of the European Higher Education Area is strongly fostered.

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