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Workshop CINECA

Workshop on Visualization of Large Scientific Data

Tuesday, 14 June


Welcome to CINECA (Sanzio Bassini , Director of the HPC Department of CINECA)

Large Datasets challenges (Claudio Gheller, CINECA)

Introduction to scientific visualization (Mario Valle, CSCS, Switzerland)

Standard approach to remote visualization (Luigi Calori, CINECA)

Scientific Visualization Tools

VTK & ParaView (Pat Marion, Kitware Inc.)

Kitware Roadmap (Pat Marion, Kitware Inc.)

Overview of VisIt (Vladimir Slavnic, IPB, Serbia)

Wednesday, 15 June

In-situ visualization

09:30 – 10:00 In-situ visualization: different approaches(Jerome Soumagne , CSCS, Switzerland)

ICARUS: a ParaView plug-in for steering and visualizing in-situ HDF5 output of simulation codes

(Jerome Soumagne, CSCS, Switzerland)

ParaView’s co-processing plug-in (Pat Marion, Kitware Inc.)

VisIt’s libsim interface (Jean Favre, CSCS, Switzerland)

Use cases

Interactive simulation in virtual reality and parallel GP-GPU visualization on unstructured grids

(Uwe Woessner ,Florian Niebling , University of Stuttgart, Germany)

VisIVO tools for Large Dataset Exploration (Ugo Becciani, Catania Observatory, Italy)

MAF: a framework for visualization applications (Paolo Quadrani, CINECA)

VMD: Visual Molecular Dynamics for large biomolecular systems (Luca Marsella, CINECA)

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