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march, 2-3 2007
Bologna, Aula Magna of Santa Lucia, University of Bologna
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Knowledge of the major aspects and most significant pathways in graduates’ transition to the labour market provides fundamental feedback information not only to the higher education institutions that have trained them, but also to the production system at large, in particular to the sectors of research and public administration. Furthermore, any such survey is all the more useful when it can draw upon reliable and up-to-date information.

The presentation of the 9th ALMALAUREA Study on the Employment Conditions of Italian University Graduates will be accompanied by a wide reflection on the university-to-work transition in the main European Countries. The second European survey of university graduates’ employment conditions (in 11 European countries and Japan) at 5 years after graduation (REFLEX-Research into Employment and professional FLEXibility) will be presented. The Survey funded by the EU and supported by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, has been carried out in Italy jointly by ALMALAUREA and Istituto IARD "Franco Brambilla".

The EUROALMALAUREA-NET project, supported by the EU as part of the eTEN Programme, which is aimed at the Europe-wide extension of the graduates’ database will celebrate the conclusion of its pilot phase. The Rectors of the European Universities involved in the project will be present, it’s an opportunity to draw up guidelines for the future development.

Based on the large number of universities and graduates involved (more than 89,000 graduates from 40 Italian universities) and on the graduates’ interest and accessibility (85% of the telephone interviews was obtained from graduates one year subsequent to their degree, 83% respectively three years and 76 % five years), and taking into account the time interval under observation (data was obtained from graduates from 2005, 2003 and 2001), the documentation gathered as part of the 9th Study offers a reliable cross-section of the general situation and important insights for further in-depth analysis.

Moreover the Survey will permit to examine the graduate employment conditions and/or study the situation of the first-level degree (almost 17.000, with the 89% respond rate) one year after graduation, thus monitoring the progress of the university reform. The presentation of the Study will also enable to make an inquiry regarding long-term Graduate Employment Conditions (10 years after graduation), time required to enter the labour market, effectiveness of degrees in scientific sectors, stability and precariousness in graduate’s job, post-graduate studies efficacy on the labour market, graduate’s earnings, usefulness of competences achieved during the university experience in foreign countries.

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